Despite feeling guilty, Charity steals the swipe card from Cain's wallet and heads to the storage unit - with him and Debbie in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, Marlon continues to keep his feelings for Moira a secret, and Paddy arrives home to find Aaron and Molly cleaning up after the party.


  • Zak Dingle
  • Lisa Dingle
  • Sam Dingle
  • Marlon Dingle
  • Eli Dingle
  • Cain Dingle
  • Debbie Dingle
  • Aaron Livesy
  • Sarah Sugden
  • Charity Tate
  • Noah Tate
  • Nicola De Souza
  • Paddy Kirk
  • Jimmy King
  • Scarlett Nicholls
  • Angelica King
  • John Barton
  • Moira Barton
  • Adam Barton
  • Holly Barton
  • Hannah Barton