Ian struggles to digest what the police have told him and insists on being taken to see Lucy's body - and as if that weren't enough for the grieving father to cope with, he then faces the task of sharing the news with the rest of his family. Unaware of the tragedy unfolding across the Square, the Carters spring into action when Lady Di goes into labour. However, when it looks like one of the little pups might not make it, an unlikely local steps in to help.


  • DC Emma Summerhayes
  • DS Bryant
  • Ian Beale
  • Jane Beale
  • Peter Beale
  • Lucy Beale-(Dead Body)
  • Bobby Beale
  • Cindy Williams
  • Bianca Butcher
  • Whitney Dean
  • Phil Mitchell
  • Billy Mitchell
  • Sharon Rickman
  • Alfie Moon
  • Kat Moon
  • Denise Fox
  • Lauren Branning
  • Shirley Carter
  • Tina Carter
  • Stan Carter
  • Babe Smith
  • Mick Carter
  • Linda Carter
  • Lee Carter
  • Johnny Carter
  • Nancy Carter
  • Dexter Hartman
  • Terry Spraggan
  • Nikki Spraggan
  • Lady Di The Dog


lucy beales body is shown in this episode when ian goes to identify her body at the morgue but she was murdered in the episode 18th April 2014.