Tina tips Peter off that Carla is looking at houses behind his back and demands that he make a choice. Will he agree to run away with her? A fight breaks out in the cafe when Kirk blames Todd for Maria's behaviour, while Gail's suspicions are aroused by a tense and intimate conversation between Kal and Leanne at the gym. Tony puts pressure on Rob to drive a van load of stolen electrical goods for him.            
Tina and peter

Characters: Edit

  • Peter Barlow
  • Carla Barlow
  • Tracy Barlow
  • Audrey Roberts
  • Gail McIntyre
  • Leanne Tilsley
  • Steve McDonald
  • Tony Stewart
  • Todd Grimshaw
  • Marcus Dent
  • Fiz Stape
  • Tyrone Dobbs
  • Lloyd Mullaney
  • Kirk Sutherland
  • Maria Connor
  • Liam Connor
  • Michelle Connor
  • Rob Donovan
  • Tina McINTYRE
  • Anna Windass
  • Beth Tinker
  • Steph Britton
  • Sharif Nazir
  • Kal Nazir
  • Andrea Beckett
  • PC Brewer