Ian is desperate to make amends with Peter for his comments, so Jane persuades him to arrange a family get-together at the restaurant - oblivious to what has happened to Lucy. The police eventually do come calling though, and Ian hears the words no parent ever wants to be told. Meanwhile, Bianca encourages Whitney to be more confident and stand up to Lee - although the stall-holder fails to follow her own advice when Terry's ex Nikki arrives in the Vic - and Aunt Babe has a warning for Stan after learning of his arrest.


  • Ian Beale
  • Jane Beale
  • Peter Beale
  • Lucy Beale-(Dead Body)
  • Bobby Beale
  • Cindy Williams
  • Lola Pearce
  • Phil Mitchell
  • Billy Mitchell
  • Bianca Butcher
  • Whitney Dean
  • Sharon Rickman
  • Jay Brown
  • Alfie Moon
  • Kat Moon
  • Masood Ahmed
  • Shabnam Masood
  • Denise Fox
  • Max Branning
  • Lauren Branning
  • Abi Branning
  • Shirley Carter
  • Tina Carter
  • Stan Carter
  • Mick Carter
  • Linda Carter
  • Nancy Carter
  • Lee Carter
  • Johnny Carter
  • Babe Smith
  • Dexter Hartman
  • Terry Spraggan
  • Nikki Spraggan
  • Aleks Shirovs
  • Jake Stone
  • DC Emma Summerhayes-Anna Action
  • DS Bryant
  • Maude-Rhiannon Hall


in this episode you see lucy beale's dead body see was murdered in the previous episode 18th April 2014 and this is also DC Emma Summerhayes first episode.