Rob becomes increasingly suspicious when he finds Tina and Peter deep in conversation in the Rovers backyard and demands to know what's going on. Maria is upset when Tyrone tells her about his plan for a holiday with Fiz and sends him another text apparently from Kirsty, while Todd persuades Marcus to give their relationship a chance. Gail and Katy eavesdrop when Dev and Sharif discuss the need for a receptionist in the gym.


  • Peter Barlow
  • Carla Barlow
  • Tracy Barlow
  • Audrey Roberts
  • David Platt
  • Liz McDonald
  • Tony Stewart
  • Gail McIntyre
  • Jason Grimshaw
  • Todd Grimshaw
  • Marcus Dent
  • Dev Alahan
  • Chesney Brown
  • Fiz Stape
  • Tyrone Dobbs
  • Maria Connor
  • Rob Donovan
  • Tina McIntyre
  • Katy Armstrong
  • Sinead Tinker
  • Steph Britton
  • Sharif Nazir